Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Hayfever Medication

My third son really suffers with hayfever during the summer months. When he was younger this manifested as croup. We would have to take him into a steam-filled bathroom, or out into the cool night-time air to help his breathing. We even had a Tefal humidifier (inspired by our years in the dry air of Ankara) which would produce steam by his bed at night. But his symptoms still prompted several night-time visits to hospital, where a steroid would be administered to ease his breathing. As he has grown older, we have managed his symptoms with a Ventolin inhaler as required, but also with regular hayfever medication. For some weeks, I have been dosing him with Cetirizine Hydrochloride twice a day. However, I have noticed that he seems more lethargic recently, drowsy at times and a bit disinterested. This comes and goes. My Dad even commented on this today - and it got me thinking. I have decided to cut the meds - and to introduce an earlier bedtime for him - and to see whether these symptoms improve.

Bedtimes are tricky in our house as our youngest (2) doesn't want to go to bed whilst the others are still up. Our third son (8) may need more sleep, but doesn't want to go to bed before his younger brother and feel he is missing out on anything. This dilemma, combined with the lighter summer evenings, has meant bedtime has slipped back, with the younger two going to sleep at around 9.00pm and the older two later. Our eldest son seems to be particularly alert and productive in the evening. Anyway, tonight I said our 8 year old needs to go to bed between 8 and 8.30, and we managed to find an alternative homeopathic hayfever remedy in Boots which I will be trialling for effectiveness from tomorrow.

Does anyone have any advice or experience on medicating hayfever in children? My eldest son also suffers - particularly with itchy eyes, and eye drops have really been helping him this week. When I asked the doctor, though, we were prescribed a steroid nasal spray which I am now reluctant to use.


  1. 2 days in, and I have noticed a marked improvement in our third son's behaviour and alertness. Much better. It is as if he has emerged from a fog. Also, the homeopathic remedy seems to be keeping his hayfever symptoms under control almost as effectively as the Cetirizine, and we have been outside quite a lot during these two days. The pollen count for the weekend is forecast to be really high, so we will see how the next few days go. His older brother is now trialling the same homeopathic remedy.

  2. Other great suggestions from friends about managing hayfever naturally ....
    Wear snug-fitting sunglasses when outside.
    Used teabags cooled in the fridge good for easing itchy eyes.
    Juice ginger with apple to make a shot for allergy relief and for general health.
    Vaseline rubbed around the nostrils to reduce inhalation of pollen.
    Have child shower when they come in from playing outside, and change their clothes.

  3. So, we have been continuing to manage during the day with the homeopathic tablets and son no 3 has continued to be brighter and more alert. The only problem I found was that he was struggling with his symptoms and night and this was making it difficult for him to sleep. So, we have resorted to giving him just 5ml of Cetirizine at bedtime and this seems to be working satisfactorily, both in terms of controlling symptoms, and behaviour and mood.