A Day with the Arts (with a bit of science and maths thrown in!)

Today we went to see the Science of Sound - and interactive science show - in the awesome setting of Birmingham's Symphony Hall. We explored vibrations and sound waves and learned a lot about the Symphony Hall's imposing organ. It was interesting and fun, and even though aimed at Key Stage 2, my 12 year old enthused about it. Afterwards, we went to the Art Gallery to see an exhibition of Rowland Emett's work. He was a creative inventor, artist and illustrator and his quirky, magical automata are best recognised from the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which we now need to watch! Such a colourful, engaging exhibition. Recommended.

There was another exhibition of Symmetry in Sculpture which we also visited briefly, an interesting fusion of maths and art by Zarah Hussain.

I am in the process of signing the boys up for Arts Award, so lots of material seen today to inspire their portfolios!