How to stop fighting about screen time

Do you struggle with the feeling that your children are spending too much time in front of their screens? It is one of the real challenges for me personally of moving towards autonomous learning. Technology moves so fast and is such a big part of modern life and culture, and I recognize the huge contribution games, apps and programmes can make to all of our lifelong learning. (Just this week, my husband looked on youtube to find out how to fix our fridge, then ordered the part he needed from espares - and fixed it himself!) I do not want my children to be handicapped by restricting their access to technology, rather I want them to be fluent in their use of it. In spite of all this, I still find it difficult to watch them bent over their phones or tablets for considerable amounts of time. And I bite my tongue more often than I used to in order to keep myself from rushing them on to alternative activities quite so readily. If you struggle with this too, then you might find this article, "The Sliver, or How to stop fighting about screen time" by Lori Pickert at Project-Based Homeschooling, as useful as I did.