Quotes from "Schooling the World"

"Our schools are, in a sense, factories, in which the raw materials -children - are to be shaped and fashioned into products. The specifications for manufacturing come from the demands of 20th century civilisation, and it is the business of the school to build its pupils according to the specifications laid down."
- Ellwood P. Cubberly, Dean of Stanford University School of Education, 1898.

"School forcibly snatches children away from a world full of God's own handiwork. It is a mere method of discipline which refuses to take into account the individual, a manufactory for grinding out uniform results. I was not a creation of the schoolmaster: the Government Board of Education was not consulted when I took birth in the world."
- Rabindranath Tagore, 1913 Nobel prize Winner for Literature.

"You have an institution that is in place globally that is branding millions and millions and millions of innocent people as failures. What's amazing is that people who are claiming to be concerned with social justice cannot see the huge social hierarchy and inequity that is created through education, modern education. It's mind-boggling for me how people don't see that."
- Manish Jain, Shikshantar: The People's Institute for Rethinking Education and Development.
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