Dollshouse on a Budget

My husband says it was a present for me really, and perhaps he is right. When asked what he would like for Christmas, our youngest son (who will be 3 in March) said, "A little house for my little people". He loves role playing with little characters ... Lego minifigures, Duplo men, Playmobil people. So I started to look around for a little house for him. I looked at Playmobil, but he is still too little really for all the tiny pieces. I looked at wooden houses, some of which are incredibly expensive, and the cheaper ones seemed to be very basic. Then I came across this one which I mail ordered from Toys R Us. I thought the price tag (around £30) was pretty good considering it had a proper opening front and came with some furniture, and a family of little people.

But I was inspired by the reviews and comments people had left, some of which showed how they had painted the dollshouse prior to assembling it. This is something I have always wanted to do, so I decided to paint and wallpaper the house ready to present on Christmas morning. It took a bit of effort, but I was pleased with the finished result. To buy a little house fully painted and decorated would have had a much higher price tag.

The house arrived in pieces, so by studying the instructions, I could see which piece would go where. I lightly sanded the pieces of the house which I wanted to paint, gave them one coat of primer / undercoat and then two coats of either white gloss or blue duracoat. I was a little limited by our budget right before Christmas, so I restricted the colours. We already had white gloss in our shed, and I managed to do the blue with just one tester pot of paint which cost about £1.50.

The wallpapers were downloaded from Jennifer's Printables where there is an amazing selection of wallpapers as well as brick, wood and tile designs. These can be downloaded and colour printed. I then cut them to size for the appropriate rooms, glued them into place with PVA and covered them with PVA to provide a varnished finish. I covered the floors of each room with a wooden flooring design too. Having prepared all the separate pieces, I was so pleased with the result when I put the house together ....

.... And on Christmas morning, I think our little boy was pretty delighted too! (I tried not to be too precious about it when he decided to add his own pencil design to the roof!)

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