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Should parents ever worry about Minecraft?

The Way We Work

In our house, we do have a general 'gaming after 4.00pm' rule which came from the boys. Whilst this rule is flexible, I think the key to managing gaming is balance, balance, balance ... Let it be part of a busy life - full of other stuff. I have noticed that my boys' social time with friends now seems to revolve around Minecraft and it is a challenge for parents to keep up with all that is happening online. Just this week, I had an evening call from a friend whose son was very upset about what was happening in the Minecraft world, and the boys and I had to have a chat about what was going on and how others might react to what they were doing in the game. The boys and I talk about online time a lot, and I gently but persistently encourage them to balance their gaming with other activities. What are your thoughts? How do you manage gaming in your house?

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