Creative Schools Review

Another article from today's Guardian, this time shadow secretary of state, Tristram Hunt, on Ken Robinson and Lou Aronica's, "Creative Schools: Revolutionising Education from the Ground Up".
"Creative Schools Review: We Need to Call Time on Exam-factory Education".

What a shame that he fails to see home education as an expression of the educational transformation Robinson so applauds, as a stream of educational expression which can contribute to the educational debate and inform educational policy; his only reference is negative: "If, occasionally, Robinson gets a bit too Californian – with his call for “organic education” and extensive flirtation with home-schooling – his driving critique of the “exam factory” model of schooling is well worth reflecting on." I wish Tristram Hunt and others could have sat in on the Engineers Without Borders workshop we ran yesterday for 24 home educated children in which they designed and tested wind turbines, or seen the excellent examples of project based learning going on in our house at the moment. I wish he could have seen the community celebrations of St George's Day in town today, including a dramatisation complete with fire-breathing dragon, at which home-educated children - the only school-age children amongst the crowd - were well represented. Sigh. I wish politicians could just get out of the school box!

I applaud Robinson's work, though, for inspiring Hunt's conclusion: "We need to call time on the exam-factory model, ensure a broad and balanced curriculum in our schools, and focus on improving teaching rather than fruitlessly reforming school structures – not only because a childhood at school should be a rich, enjoyable and challenging time; but also because the coming economy demands exactly the kind of rigorous creativity and personal resilience that Robinson advocates."
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