Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The lack of a primary school place ...

Interesting comments on why modern education is irrelevant from Giles Coren in this article from Time Out London, "Giles Coren: "I'm not going to send my kids to school". His fury is provoked by the lack of an offer for a primary school place for his little daughter this week, a problem in which he is seemingly not alone. "What’s the point?" he asks, "If the state won’t offer us a decent school, why should we obey its stupid laws? For in truth a formal education has no relevance at all in twenty-first-century London." Interestingly, Southend Borough Council say here that "you can’t use Elective Home Education whilst you wait for a place at your chosen school" but, in actual fact, you can! :)
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  1. It seems an interesting reason for home ed but lack of places seems to be a major issue.
    Hi, I've just updated my post on UK home ed bloggers and added your blog. Hope that is OK.