Unready at 4, Ready at 7

Though my eldest son had early years education in nursery schools both here and in Turkey, in common with many other countries, formal schooling does not begin there until age 6, and our son didn't really start formal schooling until he went into Year 2 in this country, aged almost 7. I am so grateful he was not pushed to read and write earlier, though he had the rich experience of living in another culture and learning another language, challenges of a different kind.

"Unready at 4, Ready at 7" is an interesting blog post from a parent who battled to defer her young son's school start. "When we filled in our little boy’s school form in December 2012, he showed no signs of wanting to read or write, but we assumed it would come. The nursery assured us he would be ready by August. However, as summer arrived and he was actively resisting any efforts to put pen to paper, we became increasingly concerned."

In this country, children are not legally required to be in education until the term after their 5th birthday, and parents can delay a school start further by choosing to home educate.