A wider classroom

My youngest son, aged 4, is loving reading Roald Dahl books with me at the moment. He started with The Twits, which he found highly entertaining, followed by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which we had to read twice. As we were reading the book, we went to a visit a small, local chocolatier to learn more about how chocolate is made and, of course, to do some tasting.

With thanks to Caroline at Henley Chocolates, highly recommended over the now very commercial Cadbury World, which is also fairly local to us, but very expensive and not very hands-on ....

We moved on to James and the Giant Peach which just happened to be one of the films showing as part of this year's Into Film Festival, which gives school groups and home educators the opportunity to view films at their local cinema for free every November. I took my youngest son to see James, but he was highly critical of the film, which was not very faithful to the book.

He enjoyed making this collage after watching the film, though. Can you spot who is who?

One of my favourite things about home educating is being able to take trips and plan visits which tie in with what we are learning about and are currently interested in. This is what making the world our child's classroom is all about.