Emergent Writing

Until very recently, my four-year-old has not shown much interest in putting pen to paper. Other skills have taken priority for him ... Physical skills, and verbal skills. He hasn't really been interested in drawing, let along writing. But in recent weeks, I have noticed he is drawing more ... Figures are beginning to take shape on paper, and drawings have meaning and tell stories. He has begun to leave me 'notes' around the house consisting of patterns on paper, and 'maps' which direct me to 'treasure' ... Again, these consist of wiggly lines, zigzags and patterns. He has some interest in letter sounds - mostly in context, for example playing scrabble with his grandparents. They help him to form the words and then he remembers what they say on the board. His knowledge of letter sounds is pretty good now. He spots letters he knows, especially his initial and the initials of other members of the family.

If he were in school, he would be in reception now - and learning to write ... but at home, there is no rush. We can take our time and allow him to develop his skills in this area at his own pace trusting that, with support and encouragement, as he learns to make sense of the world, he will learn the skills he needs to read and write.