Cooking and Juicing

It is my Mum's 70th birthday this week, so the boys decided to cook her a 3-course dinner, taking responsibility for preparing a course each. It is some years since they last did this, but they remembered it was a special treat their grandparents really enjoyed. So today has been a day of shopping and food preparation. My eldest son cooked his signature dish of Chinese spring rolls as a starter; my second son made an amazing tray of spinach and ricotta cannelloni for the main course; and my third son made a delectable sticky toffee pudding for dessert. Their younger brother did a good job providing inter-course entertainment at the table, and a good time was had by all.

Of course, this event coincided with the first day of our super juicing plan! So my husband and I did not indulge in the dinner, though I confess we did have a tiny taste of each course! And believe me, the food was very tempting. But the juicing is underway ....

It has taken a fair bit of time chopping, juicing, cleaning up, but nothing too onerous. And the juices aren't bad, packed full of all kinds of fruit and veggies I wouldn't normally consume. There have been a few moments today where I have felt myself flag and realised I needed to quickly prepare the next juice. There was one moment out shopping where I felt really hungry, but that passed. It hasn't been too bad at all. I have felt clearer headed already, and more energised during the day - though I'm exhausted now. We'll see how we get on tomorrow .... I am sure the first day is the easiest!