Littlest son continues to be interested in doing his own experiments. Last week, we went for a walk in the drizzle whilst his brothers played tennis. Our destination was the local post office, and it was not the most scenic of walks through a rather urban landscape. However, as we walked, he chatted away about "his science" and insisted on collecting an assortment of leaves and berries. His keen eyes spotted berries I did not notice, and we duly picked them and filled his pockets.

When we got home, he took out a chopping board and knife and dissected his berries to see the seeds inside. He then wrapped them - and some leaves - in sellotape and wanted to soak them in water to see what happens over a 10 day period. He added some earth from the garden, filtered the water several times with a strainer and carefully labelled his cup, which continues to sit on our windowsill for observation.