Isaac Newton's House

One of the absolute best things about home educating is being able to take trips which fit in with what we are learning. This kind of experiential adventure really brings learning to life and makes all those historical facts and figures so much more memorable. My middle two boys and I are reading through the history of science at the moment, and our most recent chapter was all about Isaac Newton. The house where Isaac was born - Woolsthorpe Manor - is only about an hour and twenty minutes drive from us, so one freezing cold morning last week, we set out to explore.

Oh, I should let you in on another secret ... on weekdays during school termtimes, such places are VERY quiet - Perfect for the introverts among us! ;) We had a guided tour of the house - all to ourselves - with a lovely guide who made the visit engaging for the boys and asked them lots of questions. We will always remember where phrases like "Sleep tight", "Tie the knot" and "Costing an arm and a leg" come from, and we will remember looking from what was Isaac's bedroom window upon the now infamous apple tree in the orchard below.

We enjoyed exploring the science centre and envisaging some of the scientific ideas we had been reading about. There was a lot of opportunity to explore and play - and we had the place to ourselves. Well worth the drive!