Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Juicing Continued ....

I am on Day 16 of the juicing plan. Day 9 was really hard - and I felt like giving up! But I managed 14 days exclusively on juices, including a weekend away, which was pretty daunting. However, the benefits to the way I feel in terms of energy and clarity of thought mean I have been able to resist eating food. It has been an excellent exercise in self-discipline, which cannot be a bad thing. However, I do have some concerns ... in particular, I do not think it can be good for the gut to eat no fibre. So, over the weekend, I did munch on some plain salad and fruit. And this week, for the third week of the plan, I have decided to juice through the day but to eat a small evening meal. We have changed our meal plan to include whole grain choices, and lots more fruit and vegetables. I was interested when buying bread in Aldi this week, and checking the lists of ingredients on the packets, only to be able to find one loaf that did not contain sugar. I am trying to avoid sugar in food as much as possible, so that rules out most processed food. I am also planning to continue to eat as much vegetarian food as I possibly can - especially when I am at home.

This is an almond milk smoothie, a weekend treat on the plan, but not very delicious! :(

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