Market Day

Day 6 of the juicing plan, and we decided to check out our local market. We spent £35, not only on all the ingredients for my juicing this week, but on all the fruit and veg for our whole family for the week. Much better value, and a great place to shop for fresh produce. Well worth a weekly visit, we decided.

My husband, who is the head chef in our house, has come up with a new meal plan to include a lot more fresh vegetables, less meat and more wholegrain food. His cooking always looks and smells amazing, so sticking to my juices is proving a challenge. Today, I was really looking forward to a Tahini Cocoa Smoothie, which felt like a bit of a weekend treat. It contained my homemade almond milk, as well as raw cocoa powder, tahini, honey and banana. In truth, it was disappointing. I am trying to mark on the juicing chart the juices I really like, so that I can enjoy them as part of my ongoing eating plan, but so far I have only marked one as being really delicious. We'll have to see how week 2 goes.

With my renewed energy levels, I managed to do all the washing and food shopping today, so feel on top to start the week. I am still feeling energised and sharp, but I am really missing food now, and am getting a bit fed up of the juice combinations. I just keep trying to weigh the positive gains against the desire for food. Not that I'm hungry. The juices are filling. I just like to munch out of habit!

Now, a footnote to all those who think home educated kids won't have a chance to engage in competition, one of the points raised by a member of the audience after my recent TEDx talk ... my third son plays tennis on Saturday mornings, and his perseverance and practice has really paid off. He came home thrilled to have beaten a few of his competitors this morning. The boys enjoyed playing with our neighbours this afternoon, as they often do at the weekend, boys around the same age. They play a lot of competitive games outside together. And in addition to sports, you should have seen and heard the epic game of RISK that they all had around our dining table this evening! Highly competitive and very noisy!