This week we decided sons 2 and 3 require a little more focused attention on their times tables. My second son particularly dislikes maths and finds it difficult, so we were thinking of ways to make this 10 minutes a day more fun. The boys remembered this great little game we have: Numberball. You simply throw the pair of dice and multiply the two numbers facing upwards. It's a quick, fun and easy way to practise multiplication.

Whilst my second son was playing, his youngest brother became interested and wanted to join in. So they devised a game where they each threw one dice. Son number 2 multiplied the two numbers, and littlest son calculated the number bond to 10 for his die ... So if he threw a 4, he had to shout 6; if he threw a 3, 7 etc .... Number bonds to 10: Tick. No problem there.