The Benefits of Boredom

"Often it isn’t just the child who needs to readjust. Parents all too often try to replicate school in some fashion at home. That’s the kiss of death for successful unschooling. Parents must deschool themselves too. Instead of behaving like teachers and bringing school into the home, they have to recognise learning is not separate from life. Learning is asking questions and searching for answers."
Deschooling your child, deschooling yourself

"Most parents would agree that they want to raise self-reliant individuals who can take initiatives and think for themselves. But filling a child’s time for them teaches nothing but dependence on external stimulus, whether material possessions or entertainment. Providing nurturing conditions and trusting children’s natural inclination to engage their minds is far more likely to produce independent, competent children, full of ideas."
Being bored is good for children and adults - This is why