Early Machines

What is fascinating to me is that I have sketchbooks full of designs my son drew aged 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 .... Books of machines. Inventions. machines to do this, to do that. Very precise descriptions of what the machines would do, how they would work. Those who have known him all his life will remember how he would take every opportunity to talk to adults and show them these bookfuls of designs - charming or boring them (I was never quite sure which) with his stream of chatter about his machines, what they did and how they worked. If you had asked me when he was 3 what kind of work he would do when he grew up, I would have said, "Engineering", without any hesitation.

The other thing that is interesting, as his primary educator for many years, is that this is a subject about which I know practically nothing. Often, we can doubt our own abilities to mentor a child with very different interests and passions from our own, but if we are prepared to walk beside them, encourage them and help them to seek out resources and mentors to feed their own learning, who knows where the journey might take them?
Why not all the way to Kuala Lumpur to win the title for the Fastest Car at the F1 in Schools World Finals??