Organic Ed Coventry Launch

We are seeking to build a small, experimental learning community building on the Reggio Emilia philosophy / project based learning. We will seek to build child initiated / parent framed learning experiences. Whilst many of us do this at home with our own children, we are seeking to explore children's collaborative learning, which is one of the strengths of the Reggio philosophy. We hope that nurturing our children's learning as a group will help us all to play to our strengths.

We are filled with anticipation, and ready to launch .....

We would like to invite interested parents to an informal meeting to drink tea and share our vision for the group and explore the way forward. If you are interested in attending, please do message me and I can tell you more.

(I am sorry that at this stage we need to restrict the group to children aged 5-12 and their parents, and not any younger children. But please remember that young children soon grow, and we hope that this learning journey will be the beginning of something that can grow and develop in the coming years. So do watch this space!)