Ofsted's Bold Beginnings

If Ofsted's Bold Beginnings report is driven by concern that transition to Year 1 is difficult because the Early Learning goals are not aligned with the year 1 national curriculum, then why not make Year 1 more play-based rather than narrowing the curriculum in reception? If research and the experience of Nordic countries (and others) teach us that children are better equipped for learning if they start at age 7 after several years of learning negotiation, communication and risk-taking through play, particularly outdoors, why not extend learning-through-play further up our infant schools rather than pushing formal learning ever younger? Why do the powers-that-be continually fail to understand that children learn through play, it is their learning media? We could argue that all of us need more playtime in our lives to awaken and facilitate our creativity and problem-solving faculties. How vital this is for the youngest in our society.

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