This is the longest my husband and I have lived in the same house. We have been here 4 years! In the first 17 years of our marriage, we moved no less than 17 times. And each move required a thorough clearout. So I do not think we are hoarders! How quickly and easily, though, the piles of 'stuff' we acquire begin to take over .... Maybe it is because we would normally have moved by now, that I feel the oppression of the clutter, and the need to purge our house of stuff.

One week in to our mission to clear the clutter, and I have been steadily removing items from the house - Several bags have gone to the charity shop, I have been offering items to friends or to folk I know might appreciate that particular thing, listing things on Freecycle and Facebook, and selling things on ebay.

I have sold a few things on ebay in the past, but normally I just tend to save myself the hassle, and give things away. However, I decided our huge Duplo Lego box might be worth splitting into lots and selling on ebay. I mean, Lego is worth a lot, and we have too much of it in our house. To my surprise, I have made £177.50 on ebay this week, which is a nice bonus to the wonderful feeling of decluttering my house and my life. It feels very good to watch stuff go .... I am lighter somehow. Yesterday, I finally began to feel we were making real progress when the hearthstone emerged from beneath my youngest son's Playmobil collection! So far, my focus has been on toys, books and DVDs. We will persevere.