Get Outdoors!

We heard an ad on the radio today for Persil's Outdoor Classroom Day. It made my son chuckle, because in home education, so much of our learning can take place out of doors.

Living in a city, as I do now, my soul longs for the countryside, and being cooped up indoors makes me feel low. One of the things I learned when my sons were small is that they, like dogs, needed exercising out of doors daily! And that is probably true for all of us, though with the British weather as it is, it perhaps doesn't happen quite as regularly as we might wish.

It is one of the sadnesses of our modern lifestyle that many of us are separated from the natural world, spending so much of our time inside, and too much of our time sedentary. This is not good for our happiness, our physical or our mental wellbeing … and these are habits which begin in childhood. Edelman Berland for Unilever is quoted on the Outdoor Classroom website as saying in 2016, "74% of children spend less time outdoors than the 60 minutes recommended for prison inmates." Isn't that a shocking statistic?

As a supporter of The Wildlife Trusts, I'd like to encourage you to join me in taking part in this year's 30 Days Wild through the beautiful month of June. The challenge is to engage in random acts of wildness every day of the coming month. A random act of wildness is any thing you can do in an average working day to bring a little nature into your life. It could take just a few seconds, a few minutes, or hours … It is up to you.

There are loads of ideas on the Wildlife Trusts website - so what's stopping you? Let's get ready for some wild adventures. I am looking forward to taking part with my sons, and will be blogging every day this month on our 30 days Wild!