30 Days Wild - Day 12

Antics in our garden this morning, watching a pair of squirrels raiding our bird feeders. A pigeon was also after the seeds on the ground around the feeders, and the approaching squirrel was intimidated by the pigeon's presence.

The squirrel cautiously edges closer, folding his tail over his body and holding himself low to the ground. He is determined, though. The pigeon stands his ground, but the squirrel has the advantage of being able to climb the pole and hang upside down to raid the feeders.

Now the pigeon's patience pays off, as the squirrel's antics throw a good amount of seed to the ground for him to peck up. There is a pair of blackbirds gathering worms in our garden each day, too, and robins and tits on the feeders. Smallest son is keen to spot and identify the many winged visitors to the garden.

This week, on several occasions, I have taken a different route home which has taken me off the main roads and down the quieter by-ways through open countryside. It is pleasanter driving, and a small detour from the rush of urban life which can help us connect with the countryside. A good tip for busy parents ... Too much of my time at the moment is spent driving Mum's taxi!

In other news, our caterpillars are steadily growing ... How many days until they transform into their hanging chrysalises? They are being watched with interest!