Monday, 18 June 2018

30 Days Wild - Day 17

This morning, my six-year-old was set on making clay models of his favourite creatures: a shark, a jellyfish, a dolphin, a whale, a gulper eel, a butterfly, a duck-billed platypus. There is an oceans theme underlying much of his play and learning at the moment …

In the garden, the first flower appeared on my beautiful passiflora …

And this afternoon, smallest son and I sat down to watch a documentary about orang-utans: Red Ape - Saving the Orangutan. My son has loved orangutans from babyhood, and wanted to watch this although I said some scenes might be upsetting. They were. It reminded us again about the reckless destruction of Borneo's rainforests, and the relentless onslaught of palm oil plantations, row upon row of palm trees, from horizon to horizon, as far as the eye can see. Homeless and orphaned orangutans in their hundreds. And still the global market demands more, more of this madness. Please watch the programme. Please check your supermarket products for palm oil, and refuse it or demand sustainably sourced. It is in most margarines, and most snack and processed foods. It is in some breads. It is in Cadbury chocolate, much to my dismay. It is in many cosmetics and beauty products. Be warned. Awareness of this product could seriously change your shopping habits!


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