30 Days Wild - Day 3

This morning, my six year old has a plan … He wants to do some planting in our veg patch which, after disappointing yields last year, has so far this season lain dormant. We dig it over, and add a layer of beautiful compost from our composter. It has been stewing there a year, and my son enjoys helping to break up the clods of earth, picking out the odd worm and millipede from the soil.

We plant what seeds we have: sunflowers, lupins, spinach, radish and pumpkins, carefully placing the seeds, and then watering the whole patch.

Coming inside, my reluctant writer sits down and wants to make a list of Good Things for Birds. Of course, he prefers to narrate and have me write the list, but we compromise, and he decides to write the title - at the bottom. The list looks like this: