30 Days Wild - Day 4

It was a muggy night, and I was awake at 4.30am. I could hear the dawn chorus, so decided to open the window and have a good listen to the birds, all singing their hearts out to welcome the morning.

Later, my six-year-old son decided he wanted to find natural writing implements, and create pictures without using a synthetic pen.

He found a number of things in the garden with which to experiment with mark-making ….

And then with some more serious illustration ….

Menawhile, my 15 year old son has a week's work experience at a local country park and went in, with some trepidation, for his first day with the rangers today. He was involved in clearing vegetation and path maintenance, and especially enjoyed riding around in the ranger's quad, and making a big fire.

Did you know the conservation teams at our country parks are desperately overstretched, and depend upon volunteers? Maybe it's something you've considered getting involved in yourself! I'll let you know what else he gets up to on his varied week on the job! I am sure no two days will be the same down on the reserve.

This evening, we are catching up with Springwatch. Some gorgeous footage of baby birds fledging, and a nestful of newly hatched mandarin ducklings. Click HERE to see!