30 Days Wild - Day 1 continued

So, having done our first small random act of wildness for this #30DaysWild by going out into the garden to fill our bird feeders, my six-year-old son started watching all the pollinators buzzing round our flower bed. He observed the different kinds of bees, and educated me in the physical differences between bees and wasps. I tried to take some pictures of the bees using my phone, and he decided this would be more successfully achieved using an iPad so that he could zoom in.

He has spent most of he day outside in the sunshine observing and photographing the bees. We have also watched a few YouTube videos about honey bees, bumble bees and pollination, and listened to Rimsky-Korsakov's "Flight of the Bumble Bee".

He particularly wanted me to share a lovely little piece of film he took using the iPad:. You can view it on Facebook @ Organic Ed!