30 Days Wild - Day 1

The first thing we wanted to do for this month of random acts of wildness was to fill up our bird feeders. They have been redundant for a while because we have a very cheeky squirrel in our garden who somehow always manages to climb up and eat all the bird food, which can be quite entertaining to watch, but defies the object, which is to encourage our garden birds. We have many regular winged visitors to our urban garden, including a great spotted woodpecker:

a number of jays,

a tiny wren, who nested over our neighbour's door one year,

and a goldfinch

as well as a pair of blackbirds, blue and great tits, robins, magpies and pigeons.

The call of the great tit is one we have come to recognise, and on the first really lovely sunny day of this spring, after that long, cold winter, we heard this little bird singing his heart out all day long without ceasing. So joyful was his call that we all noticed and remarked upon it, and decided to name this vocal little bird. I thought the boys might name him Chirrup or Tweet, but Richard was what they decided - and Richard he has remained. (For bird ID and calls, check out the RSPB website).

We'll let you know if we see or hear from Richard or any other of our bird friends over the coming month. Hopefully the refilled feeders will encourage their visits.