30 days Wild - Day 2

I was awoken this morning by my six-year-old telling me the birds he had spotted in the garden, "Mummy, I have seen a blue tit, a robin and a blackbird already!" He is in birdwatching mode, and insists we go out and set up a birdbath, "like at Grandma's!" We do this, but it is wobbly, and we haven't yet seen any birds making use of it!

While we are outside, we notice the sound of all the bird calls around us, and then we hear a disturbance in the leaves of a bush the end of our garden, one my eldest son trimmed this week with the hedge cutters. Closer inspection reveals a pigeon coming and going, and as we peer into the leaves we see her sitting still upon what we assume might be a nest? I am so glad the hedge cutting didn't scare her off!

Later, we go for a walk in our local park. It is busy on this sunny summer Saturday afternoon, but we enjoy the light coming through the leaves, the cloud formations in the bluest sky, and the relentless birdsong.