The Consultation

I have spent the best part of two days studying the Department for Education's consultation on revisions to the guidance for Elective Home Education, and it feels like an arduous task. However, it is important.

Reading through the paperwork, it feels as if the attitude towards home education moves from an innocent until proven guilty position, by which I mean you are left alone until and unless there is a cause for concern, under which circumstances the local authority already have the powers they need to act; to a guilty until you can prove you are innocent position, in other words, home education is shrouded with suspicion and mistrust unless and until parents prove to their local authority that a suitable education is being provided. This seems to go against the presumption of innocence so important in a modern democracy.

The document is unnecessarily draconian and authoritarian. It is also long, unwieldy and daunting to engage with, especially when we are busy with other important things, such as educating our children! However, there are many resources around on the web to help you to complete the document.

Read, research, utilise the help and advice on offer, then fill in the form in your own words. This blog post from Dare to Know is particularly useful. Have a look, and remember, you don't have to agree. Share your own experiences, your own opinions on this …. Make your voice heard. The deadline is July 2nd.

Suggestions as to how to Complete the EHE Call for Evidence