Trauma Informed Teaching: A Whole School Approach

"What we should be measuring and comparing is not our children but the quality of the learning environments we provide for them." (Carol Black)

A Nashville elementary school takes a comprehensive approach to trauma-informed practices, creating a space where students feel known and supported. It is interesting as a whole-school transformation, recognising the need to change completely the environments in which we expect children to learn. Emphasizing social and emotional learning and trauma-informed practices is a path to improving students’ academic outcomes. Natalie Vadas, a special education teacher, says that when students “know they can trust you and they talk to you, their academics start to blossom.”

Many of these strategies can and do happen in a home education context, which is why our state education system has such a lot it can learn from alternative educational settings. I wish they would sit up and take notice.

Read, watch and learn more about trauma informed practice at Fall-Hamilton Elementary, in Nashville, by clicking HERE. Interesting for anyone who believes the transformation of our institutions is not possible.