30 Days Wild - Day 23

We have a week of holiday in East Sussex, where I was fortunate enough to grow up, still my favourite place in the world. So random act of wildness today had to be a walk at dusk over the clifftops by Beachy Head where the clear sky arcs overhead from horizon to horizon and the sea seems four shades of blue. Love this place!

Tonight's walk made me laugh as we were harassed by the 'June bugs' - a new encounter for my boys ... A June bug dance was performed whenever one flew too close, it's loud buzz and desire to land in our hair a cause of alarm ....

What are these 'June bugs' as I know them? (I think we also called them May bugs as children when they harassed us in May) ... Also known as cockchafer beetles, doodlebugs, the rosebeetles of Gerald Durrell's 'Rose-Beetle Man' (My Family and Other Animals). Their presence didn't hinder my enjoyment of this glorious place on a summer's eve.