Plastic Free July - Day 10 - Soap and Shampoo

Think about your bathroom, a place where plastic bottles can abound. Shower gel, shampoo, conditioner .... What can we do to replace these products and prevent these throwaway plastic bottles coming into our homes, to be used - oh so briefly - before being thrown 'away' - too few to recycling, too many, sadly, to landfill?

The first thing we can do is to acquire a few soap dishes and rediscover the simple bar of soap. Now available in so many places, in beautiful colours, fragrances and designs, and often unwrapped, or wrapped only in paper. You can even find bar soaps in cardboard packaging in your local supermarket. Why not replace each soap bottle in your home with the humble bar?

Shampoo is perhaps a little more of a challenge for many of us. Some brave folks go the route of 'no poo' and there are online groups to support you if this is something you want to do. I have stopped using shampoo on my youngest son's hair, using only water to rinse it through now when it needs a clean. And his hair looks and smells absolutely fine. I am convinced our hair becomes used to products, which makes it need the products more.

I have quite fine, greasy hair, but I was determined to try and get rid of those plastic bottles in the shower. So I discovered shampoo bars, which come, like bars of soap, wrapped in paper. I cut a big bar into four pieces, keep three in the cupboard and just one piece in a soap dish by the shower. This means the bar lasts several months, and I wash my hair every other day.

I just lather the bar up and rub it into my hair, rinse with water and then finish off with a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar diluted with water, which acts as a conditioner. I pour it over my head and then rinse it away. It sounds pretty weird, but it actually does the job. I was really delighted to discover apple cider vinegar in glass bottles in Boots recently, at reasonable cost. So the plastic can indeed be banished from the bathroom! Why not give it a try!

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