Plastic Free July - Day 11 - No to Freebies

Freebies … You know the kind of thing … I recently went to look around a college with my son, and on arrival we were handed a plastic bag full of leaflets, a free pen and a few other bits and bobs. I said, "No thank you." We took the leaflets that looked important, but why did we need them in a plastic bag? I told the person handing them out that we were trying to reduce our plastic usage, and an interesting conversation ensued.

If we walk around shows and events, we are often handed an array of useless stuff which we probably don't even need - a lot of it plastic - and often in a plastic bag. If it is not something we need, we can say, "No thank you." If we do not take these offerings, and even better if we explain why, companies will begin to get the message that consumers do not want these things, and change will be affected.

We can also teach out children to see the value and quality of 'things' they are offered … Plastic McDonalds toys? The plastic toys inside Kinder eggs? Cheap tat that entertains for a moment, and is often then broken or discarded. We need to think before we accept these throwaway freebies, and consider whether we really need to take them. We can say no to freebies. I mean how many plastic biros do we actually need?

#breakfreefromplastic #plasticfreejuly