Plastic Free July - Day 14 - Eat Less Meat

As a young teenager, I decided to turn vegetarian. My chief reason for doing so was environmental. I was shocked to read about the amount of land deforested, given over to the raising of livestock for beef, and then laid waste. It also seemed crazy to me that grain which could feed humans should be fed to livestock to produce meat. A heavily meat-based diet cannot be sustainable on a planet of finite resources.

I was vegetarian for many years, and would really encourage you to look at eating less meat and more plant-based meals. Even if you do not turn vegetarian, having several meat-free meals each week can still be one of the best things we can do for our planet. And the more food we cook from scratch, at home, rather than depending upon pre-packaged, processed food, the less plastic packaging we bring into our home, and the greater the health benefits. Even small steps in this direction can be a positive change.

I live with 5 men who love their meat, and my husband does a lot of the cooking in our household, so at the moment I am not a vegetarian, I am very sorry to say. But we don't eat much red meat, and we do try to have several vegetarian meals each week.

More tomorrow on how to reduce our plastic even when eating meat ...

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