Plastic Free July - Day 15 - The Meat Counter

For those folks that eat meat, so much of it comes in plastic packaging. Apart from buying and eating less of it, what can we do? Well, maybe you have a local butcher or deli you can frequent? Our local butcher does deals on say, three meats, which makes the cost a little more reasonable and, if we ask him to, he will put our meat into a container we take into the shop with us. It really is as simple as asking.

I don't shop at Morrisons, but recently I heard that, if you take your own container to their meat counter, they will put meat into your own box, thereby by-passing the plastic packaging. I wonder how long before other supermarkets follow suit. Steps in the right direction?

You just need to remember to carry your own containers with you - along with your reusable bags. Are we up for the challenge? Remember, the more people that ask, the more demand businesses see, and the more change occurs. Why not give it a go?

#breakfreefromplastic #plasticfreejuly