Plastic Free July - Day 16 - Waste Less

Anyone who watched the documentary, Hugh's War on Waste, a few years ago cannot fail to have been impacted by the shocking amount of food wasted in this country. Whilst the programme drew attention to supermarket waste - the waste of the system, if you like - it didn't focus so much upon household waste, the amount of food people like you and me buy and then discard, perhaps unopened, and uneaten.

This seems a fairly sensible problem to tackle if we want to reduce the amount of throwaway plastic packaging we are simply discarding - and also contribute less to the global problem of food waste, and the negative impact on the environment.

You might find buying food in smaller, more regular 'shops' reduces food waste, as you are more likely to buy only what you need. This practice also makes it more feasible to shop in smaller, local shops, as mentioned in previous posts.

It is also good to eat up any leftovers, and to befriend your freezer. Cooking batch meals is easily done, and a portion can then be frozen for another day. I have to confess, with 5 hungry men in our household, there is often not a lot left over!

What tips do you have to reduce food waste?

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