Plastic Free July - Day 18 - Bulk Bin Shopping

When we lived in Turkey, it was much easier to shop with less packaging. There were the bi-weekly 'pazars' (markets) for beautiful, seasonal, fresh produce, and then also stores which had 'bulk bins', that is big buckets of pasta, rice, flour, lentils, which could be bought by the scoop and weighed out into your own container or paper bags.

Sometimes, I wish I could shop like this here in the UK, and it is beginning to happen ... Not too far from me, there is an organic shop where you can refill your empty bottles of certain products, the Ecover range of household cleaners, and Faith in Nature beauty products, for example. The refills do work out a little bit pricey, though.

I have come across online services, like Splosh who will send you refill pouches for their products, to which you add water. You can then return the refill pouches for free so that the material can be reprocessed, cutting plastic waste by 97.5%, the company claims.

Best of all, recently, in our nearest big city, a zero waste supermarket, the superb result of a crowdfunding initiative, opened its doors. I have yet to visit, but I am looking forward to doing so. They have a lot of products on offer, and at reasonable cost, I am assured. You can check out their website HERE. It is rumoured a zero waste store is coming to our own city soon. Is there one near you? It might be worth a visit.

#breakfreefromplastic #plasticfreejuly