Plastic Free July - Day 2 - No to Plastic Bottles

Even plastic bottles which are recycled (20-25%) eventually end up in the environment. Recycling is not the answer, because plastic can only be downcycled. It is not endlessly recyclable like glass or aluminium.

Day 2 - and another really simple pledge we can make is to break up with plastic drinks bottles, in particular to stop buying bottled water. There really is no need when we are fortunate to have perfectly good drinking water on tap. Just think of all the money you can save!

A simple swap is to buy yourself a reusable water bottle - preferably not a plastic one.
(If it has to be plastic, make sure it is durable. That is still a lot better than the throwaway single-use drinks bottles we are all so used to buying.)

This is my reusable water bottle. I love it. It's made of tough glass, and it has an infuser which means I can put tea leaves in it, or fruit to flavour water. It's really practical, with it's zip-up cover to keep a drink hot or cold a while, and it's carrying handle. And it's only around £15 from Amazon HERE, available in a range of colours.

The other thing we now try to do as a family is to choose drinks which are not packaged in plastic. This means choosing aluminium cans or squash / soft drinks in glass bottles which can then be recycled. These options are there if we look for them. The more consumers demand alternatives to plastic, the more incentive manufacturers have to ditch the plastic. Write to companies like Coca Cola, too - and ask for change.

#breakfreefromplastic #plasticfreejuly