Plastic Free July - Day 21- Household Cleaning

Nowadays there is a cleaning product sold to us for every part of our homes leading to a mass accumulation of plastic bottles and chemical concoctions under our sinks. We don't tend to question what these bottles contain, trusting that they are safe. But many are quite toxic. And are these products even necessary at all?

It turns out you can pretty much clean your entire home using just a few simple products ... Vinegar, which I buy - clear and distilled - in glass bottles from Sainsburys and bicarbonate of soda, which is available in cardboard packets from Wilkos. (I am intending to try citric acid, also available in cardboard packets from Wilkos, I think, to help with the loos.) Please do share your own recipes, so we can all help each other.

I clean my floors with vinegar diluted in hot water, with a few drops of peppermint essential oil. We also have a steam mop, using just the power of steam to clean floors and make them shine.

I have a squirty top saved from an old plastic cleaning spray, and attach it to a glass vinegar bottle. I add a few drops of peppermint oil, and we use that spray bottle as a surface cleaner.

Sprinkle bicarb over the hob or sinks and then spray with the vinegar spray and leave to fizz. Scrub and rinse to bring surfaces up sparkling clean.

The vinegar spray alone is great for windows and mirrors, polished to shine with a piece of old rag.

As your old cleaning aids wear out, replace them with natural and wooden alternatives, brooms and brushes are readily available. Cut up worn out cotton T-shirts to use as cleaning rags.

Maybe you are sceptical, but give it a go. Think of all the money you can save! There are loads of simple recipes available online to help you clean your home plastic and chemical free!

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