Plastic Free July - Day 24 - No Junk Mail

If, like me, junk mail comes through your letterbox and goes straight into your bin, reducing the amount of junk mail you receive is another really easy way to reduce your waste. A lot of junk mail is glossy and laminated, and therefore not recyclable. Some circulars and magazines even come wrapped in plastic, though it is good to see some organisations taking action to change this … The last National Trust magazine, for example, was mailed out in compostable wrapping.

If you feel at the mercy of junk mail, visit this webpage, and follow steps to reduce the amount of mail you receive. Changes to the laws around data protection mean I was recently able to stop receiving a lot of mail I didn't really have time or capacity to deal with by not opting in. If you are still receiving unwanted mail from organisations, contact them and ask them to remove you from their mailing list.

Reducing the amount of junk mail you receive is a good way to reduce waste, as well as saving all the energy that goes into producing it in the first place. The more of us that say no, the stronger the message to organisations that we do not want such material.

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