Plastic Free July - Day 27 - Repair and Mend

We do not live in a culture that encourages us to repair and mend things, rather things seem to be designed to have a limited life, thus requiring us to throw them away and buy the next upgrade. Cars are no longer fixable by lifting up the bonnet, but complicated by electronics and computers which require expensive specialist repairs. Our phones and computers seem to slow and lose efficiency, and rather than being encouraged to repair them, we have a throwaway attitude which pushes us forwards to the next 'must-have' designs. Frugality is no longer seen as a virtue, perhaps because our general economic prosperity in the West in recent decades has not forced us to develop habits of frugality. We have been relentlessly tempted by wasteful consumption. In tougher economic times, it may be necessary for us to change our wasteful ways, indeed the state of our planet necessitates a change in our attitude.

So, today's challenge is to think about what we can repair and mend, rather than throwing away and buying new. Whether it is our favourite pair of jeans, our bike, our phone or our children's toys, maybe we can repair our things and prolong their life and usefulness. We may develop some new skills along the way.

Youtube is a great source of instruction on how to fix things .... My husband was thrilled to be able to repair our fridge simply by consulting a youtube video and ordering a part from espares. It's also been good to hear of spaces springing up in some cities - repair cafes, which encourage citizens to bring items in for repair and to share skills in order to help fix things and reduce waste. Is there such a cafe in your locality? Maybe you could start one! What a great example of the community coming together!

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