Plastic Free July - Day 28 - Home Efficiency

Whilst we are thinking about reducing our dependence on throwaway plastic, it is also worth looking around our homes and thinking about simple changes we can make which will help reduce our impact on the environment. It is always easy to think that our small steps won't make any difference when we look at the scale of the problems we face, but if all of us are making changes and taking steps in the right direction, together we will have an impact.

Here is a list of 10 actions we can all take to make our homes more efficient. Please add your own suggestions ….

1) Switch your lightbulbs for LED bulbs which last for longer and are safer to recycle.
2) Make sure your house is well insulated and double glazed.
3) When appliances need replacing, buy the most energy efficient model you can afford, and recycle the old one.
4)Switch your Internet search engine to ECOSIA and plant trees while you search the web.
5) Switch to an energy company like BULB or OCTOPUS who are working to make energy simpler, cheaper and greener and are investing in renewables.
6) Improve your heating controls to be maximally efficient. Use a programmable thermostat and ensure it is set correctly.
7) Turn off lights and electrical items which are not in use. Microwaves, chargers, DVD players, TVs, computer speakers and any device with a clock, LED, light or LCD panel continue to use energy when plugged in but not in use.
8) Set up a water butt in your garden, and collect run-off water in your sink to use to water your plants.
9) use a timer for your shower. On a recent camping trip, 20p bought us 1 minute and 30 seconds of hot water, which was plenty of time to shower. It made me think how much water was being saved on that campsite every day!
10) If you can, fit solar panels and produce your own energy.

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