Plastic Free July - Day 29 - Buy Less

Oh, how we all love to shop … Shopping has become a leisure activity with huge advertising efforts continually enticing us all to buy more, to acquire more, to define ourselves by what we have and by what we buy.

But just imagine if we didn't shop? If we refused to listen to the pull of the retail outlets? If we just decided we were not going to buy anything more than we really need?

One of the big problems underlying the problem of plastic waste is our addiction to shopping and consumption. So, if we truly want to reduce our waste and to clean up our planet, maybe we all need to begin seriously challenging the cultural norms of acquisition.

Certainly, there are commitments we can make … To only buying what we need. To not buying items made of plastic. To buying the best quality items we can afford, and making them last.

You could challenge yourself by not buying anything beyond essentials for a week, a month, a year … And who knows? It might just feel so good it becomes a habit.

#breakfreefromplastic #plasticfreejuly