Plastic Free July - Day 3 - Coffee on the Go

Day 3 is all about those disposable coffee cups. Again, like plastic bottles, we might think these are recyclable, but we'd be wrong. Most single-use coffee cups are coated in plastic which makes them non-recyclable. And they often come with a second single-use component, the plastic lid.

In the UK, we get through 10,000 throwaway coffee cups every 2 minutes! So this is one area of plastic waste we can really do without.

This is my reusable coffee mug. It's ceramic and cost around £5.00 from Sainsburys. It has a practical silicon lid, and is dishwasher and microwave safe. There are so many of these beautiful reusable cups around now for you to choose from, including some lovely designs in bamboo and, at less that £10, this is a purchase we can all afford to make.

Keep it in your bag or in your car, so if you're out and about, or at the motorway services, it is always close at hand. Most places will fill your reusable cup if you ask them to. And some places will even give you a discount on the price of your coffee, which is an added bonus! It's always worth asking ...;)

#breakfreefromplastic #plasticfreejuly