Plastic Free July - Day 30 - Recycle

Today is the final day of July - the end of the month, and the last day of my Plastic Free July blog posts. Though it can all seem overwhelming, please do not feel discouraged, and do not give up. This journey takes longer than 30 days. Just choose one thing at a time, and make small changes, one step at a time. Even small steps take us in the right direction.

I have left recycling until the end of our challenge, because recycling is not the answer to the problem of plastic pollution. As long as people think that just by recycling, we are doing enough, the mad consumption and ongoing production of plastics will continue. We need to be making more profound and radical shifts in our way of living than simply recycling, and that is very challenging. If we continue to think of recycling as the answer, we are not really engaging with the underlying issues. Hopefully, by reducing our waste, we will have less in all our bins, including our recycling bins.

That said, there are many items we use that can be recycled, and if we are able to recycle things we are throwing away, of course we should do that. Check out your local recycling facilities to ensure you know what can and can't be recycled at the kerbside. It may be possible to recycle some other items by taking them to a local collection point. For example, I discovered Marie Curie charity shops recycle old spectacles. There are recycling bins at local supermarkets for batteries etc.

I have found Freecycle to be an excellent aid in reducing the amount of stuff in my house. One man's junk is another man's treasure, and far better to pass things on to someone who really wants them. Ebay, too, can be a great way to pass things on and make yourself a bit of cash.

So, of course, Day 30 - Recycle as much as you can.

Thank you for joining me on this 30 Day journey to reduce our waste and to tackle our addiction to plastic. I believe it is a journey we all need to make. May we all be inspired to tread a little more lightly upon this wonderful planet. I wish you well in your efforts.

#breakfreefromplastic #plasticfreejuly