Plastic Free July - Day 4 - Refuse the Straw

Another very simple pledge we can all make in our journey to reduce our plastic usage is to REFUSE THE STRAW. It is actually not as easy as it seems; it is so easy to forget to say "no straw, please" when we order, and before we know it, we are served a drink with the offending item already there before us. But do not give up! The more we keep trying to remember, the more often we will succeed.

If I am somewhere and I notice plastic straws being served, I try to email the company when I get home and challenge them to either get rid of straws, or to find an alternative. We are seeing more and more small businesses and larger companies hearing our consumer voices and making decisions to stop serving plastic straws. Even giants like McDonalds are rumoured to be getting rid of plastic straws in the UK to reflect the public mood following the powerful BBC documentary, Blue Planet 2. Do not doubt our consumer power when we all act together.

If you really need to use a straw, you can buy reusable stainless steel or glass straws, some that come with special cleaning brushes to help keep them hygienic. And, in case you need a bit more of a push to understand why we need to stop using plastic straws ....

If you missed the video a few years ago of a sea turtle with a straw stuck up its nose, you can watch it by clicking HERE. It is not very nice, but sometimes we need an image that sticks in our mind to remind us to say, "No straw please". We can do it!

#breakfreefromplastic #plasticfreejuly