Plastic Free July

In recent years, as a family, we have become increasingly concerned about the problem of plastic pollution. I have written on this blog before about my attempts to reduce our plastic consumption, particularly single-use plastics (SUPs), and to embrace a simpler, more minimalist lifestyle. It is an ongoing counter-cultural journey. Today marks the beginning of Plastic Free July, so I plan to write a series of blog posts this month on 30 steps to reducing our waste, particularly our plastic.

I do not want you to think that I have got this sussed ... Plastic Free July is a challenge to all of us. But one of the hardest things about initatives like this is that we don't know where to start, and we worry we will fail. Sometimes this fear of failure prevents us from even stepping out, and taking the first step. But each small step matters. Even small steps in the right direction have a much bigger impact when we are part of a movement for change.

The good thing about Plastic Free July is that it sets us on course to changing our habits, and the problem with plastic waste is that it is really about our habits as a society, and about our convenience. 30 days isn't long ... but it is long enough to begin to challenge our habits, and to help us consider the choices we make in this area every single day. One of the things I keep telling my boys is that we need to talk about these issues, and challenge one another, sharing ideas to help others make changes, too. We are all in it together. So, don't delay, begin today ... I hope you will find encouragement and inspiration for the journey here!